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Family unboxing their Tuft & Needle mattress

Our story

Tuft & Needle is a bootstrapped, Phoenix-based company that pioneered the disruption of the mattress industry. Founded in 2012 by John-Thomas Marino, 32, and Daehee Park, 29, T&N is leading the revolution against unfair mattress markups, commission­-based sales models, and information asymmetry by creating an exceptional, honestly-priced product. Having bypassed the option to raise outside capital, Tuft & Needle has nurtured the co­-founders' personal investment of $6,000 into month-over-month profitability, outstanding customer satisfaction reviews, and remarkable growth.

Brand ethos

Premium Quality, Honest Business, Fair Price

We make an incredibly high-rated mattress, but not because we're geniuses. It's because we're good listeners. Instead of using the same, outdated materials, we obsessed over the sleeper feedback we received and then partnered with leading foam scientists to create and perfect a unique, innovative foam. No wonder the Tuft & Needle mattress racks up more than 2 million sleep hours per night.

Our Partners

Part of our mission as a company has always been to bring better sleep to as many people as possible, and partnering with like-minded companies is our highest priority. Currently, Tuft & Needle partners with Crate&Barrel, Lowes, and Airstream.

Tuft & Needle Blog

Since 2012, we've taken a unique approach to our business practices. We believe in transparency. This collection of company-written articles is a way for us to share that value.

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